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Blind Repair & Installation Gallery 

Every picture in this Gallery we took - of jobs made and installed by us.

This in itself is our statement 


Blind Repairs


Name a blind repair and we've done it thousands of times - and can do it for your existing blinds.

Since 1988 - that's 34 years of Repair & Cleaning experience - we've been providing Hunter Douglas Warranty component replacement and repair work ( Note that Ernie & Sarah started this all in 1978 , and yours truly was full-time from 1988 onward - hence the differing year dates here and above ). 

Cut down widths & lengths ( no matter the style of shade ), records, Hunter Douglas parts replacement, lifting mechanism replacements, slat replacement, continuous loop cord replacements. We've seen a lot of needs over the decades.


In fact we provide cut down services that even Hunter Douglas doesn't do. That is an amazing statement - and has been the case for years. What kind of cut downs ? Name a Hunter Douglas product - we've cut down widths and lengths. Window replacements are beyond common these days. Sometimes the window liners get smaller in width and length - and your exisiting blinds need cut down work to go back. Silhouettes , Luminettes, Duettes, Roller Shades, Verticals - the tolerances are tight so do it right. 


Any vendor can ship away a blind to be recorded - but it leaves you without your blinds for 3 weeks minimum. Why the nonsense ? Drop off shades to be re-corded are usually turned around in 1 day at S.P. Interiors. 

We'll record almost any style of blind - accessing parts for non-Hunter Douglas blinds becomes a challenge - but we'll do our best. Whether manual or motorized - our experience with cleaning & cut downs is unparalleled.


Name a blind product style - we've fixed it. Replacing Vertical track carriers, Recording Luminette tracks & replacing carriers, Silhouette and Easyrise cord replacement, Ultraglide module work. . . the list goes on and on. 


Professsional In-house Installation Services from

S.P. Interiors


In-house Installation Services

After you’ve selected just the right window treatments, it is just as important to ensure that they are properly installed.

While this may sound a bit cliche - our service calls through the decades to correct other vendor installed goods bespeaks it as a proper statement.   


S.P. Interiors will professionally install your blinds and draperies.  

Since 1978 - we've provided our own in-house installation services ( we never use contract installers ).

We have a 6 point standard for our installations that ensures a thorough & complete install.


Do we take pride in our installs ? You bet we do.

Do we rush our installs ? No we NEVER do.

Do we bring our portable steamer to each and every drapery install & cleaning re-hang ? Indeed we do.

The steamers get used as much as our drills do.


Ensure you know the difference between contracted work and a S.P. Interiors installer.



A high percentage of our installs has us taking down existing hardware, blinds, etc prior to the new product install.

Much of this is done days before final install - for wall & trim fill and painting.


In addition to this service - we also recycle as much existing product as possible. This is done four ways.

  1. Product clean enough is donated through two different Church affiliates for families in need. Your blinds or curtains that have exceeded their lifetime in your home have helped others.
  2. Blinds and curtains beyond a second life get taken apart and recycled for core elements. Mini blinds have their cords removed and are " dirty aluminum " ( steel headrails and plastics included ) whereas Roller tubes, bottom rails etc are recycled as " clean aluminum ".
  3. Each and every cardboard box for blinds and cardboard tube for materials is recycled.
  4. All of our packing material is collected and donated to the UPS store at Dilworth. They love us for this second use.

We live here and we love doing our part. 



From recording ALL styles of blinds to cordlock and wand tilter replacement. We do a LOT of Repairs to enhance the life of your blinds.


Ask us - we've repaired it hundreds of times before. Warranty and replacement parts too - we'll supply or have Hunter Douglas ship out what you need. 


Width and length cut-downs are standard fare. 

Many a window replacement leaves existing blinds too wide - we can cut them down. 


Battery Replacement and Remote programming as well. Recalibrating the upper and lower limits of your blinds, adding remotes, propering blind number sequences - our goal is to get your motorization program proper. 

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