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Blinds Gallery 

Every picture in this Gallery we took - of jobs made and installed by us.

This in itself is our statement 

Powerview Silhouette.jpg

Design - Build - Install. 

S.P. Interiors has doing this for 45 years

There is a difference in the quality and longevity to blinds. There is also a difference in how your blinds are sold to you - needs must be determined, and options provided. The final difference in how your blinds are installed - a dedicated and task-orientated installation is the only way.

The net result is the proper blinds for your home. 


Picture No. 6 of this pages Gallery ( first screen ) is of a flush-mount Solarium with the Duette SmartShade system we did in the early 2000s. No one else could then or to date now, do a flush-mount install. No bevel depth, no glazing bars to side mount. Across eighteen feet of covered glass - our spacing break between Duettes was LESS THAN 2 INCHES. Besides a stellar installation - this Duette job for this upscale vacation property added an insulation factor that no other product could. 


Energy Efficiency 

We've been highlighting the benefits of R Values with blinds ( and drapery ) for decades.

Only Hunter Douglas conducts extensive R&D and testing into their proprietary products. Our cleaning services highlight the strength of the Hunter Douglas fabrics versus other brands. There are many non-HD products we wont clean because their fabrics wont hold up and/or they use ferrous components that cannot take any water ( all Hunter Douglas Silhouettes and Nantuckets are affixed to an aluminum roller tube. Competitor substandard-like products use a steel roller tube that rusts ).   


A Semi-Opaque Duette Architella " cell within a cell " honeycomb carries a R Value of 5.48.

An Opaque Duette Architella " cell within a cell " honeycomb carries a R Value of 7.73.


Compare the light-filtering privacy of a HD Semi-Opaque to any competitor single cell honeycomb - and you'll see their lesser difference instantly. The very last photo in this pages Gallery is a competitors' single cell " privacy " honeycomb. You can see through this during the daytime photo - just imagine evening with lights on. Being able to see the lifting strings inside the honeycomb shows it is NOT a privacy functioning shade. 

No other blind company has the quality built into their product like Hunter Douglas does. From materials used, treated, and cured, to the lifting systems. Hunter Douglas carries GreenGuard Certification on ALL products. If a product isn't GreenGuard certified - it will have off-gas and potential harm to your family and home. 


Compliance to the new Standards 

Health Canada guidelines for ALL window coverings basically follows this :

No exposed strings, cords, or chains. Since May 1st, 2022 - the standard. 

The United States is also heading to a cordless standard , albeit with different parameters. 

What is now available is sturdy manual lift systems ( two primary ones for most products ), 

and motorization. Note we prioritized the manual systems first. Again you'll be given all options and make the most strategic choice. 

Duette Honeycombs 

  • 5.48 Semi-Opaque R Value & 7.73 Opaque R Value for Duette Architella
  • Ask us to show you how a competitive vendors single cell opaque shade will grey every colour. Duette Architellas are a cell within a cell and this does not happen. HD Reception Oxford Opaque is a soft white colour - not a greyed white. 
  • Hunter Douglas Ultraglide standard for all shades lifting system - easily replaceable on site. No other competitor has this system. 
  • Our pricing structure has the DuoLite almost the same as the Bottom Up. That is a statement. 
  • Hunter Douglas LiteRise is a sealed unit of two opposite cones spring loaded with colour coded transmissions. Headrail is sealed and heavy duty. Easily replaced modules at our shop. One competitor vendor has an open headrail with all plastic gears - not even a comparison.  
  • Vertiglide - currently in a product revision stage. The tension string within the headrail could be deemed a 2% risk of non-compliance. So Hunter Douglas is revising the build and relaunching the Vertiglide in '23. We personally forwarded ideas to the Colorado Engineering team in August '22 for an expediency of the relaunch. That's experience talking to help reduce the downtime. 
  • Skylights - currently in a product revision stage. The tension string in Skylift frame could be deemed a 2% risk of non-compliance. So Hunter Douglas is revising the build and relaunching the Skylift in '23.


  • We clean them - we cut them down. There's no other product like a HD Silhouette. Warrantied that you can use low-psi air gun blasting for dust removal. That is a statement. 
  • Three vane sizes and a myriad of lifting options. 
  • There is a competitive vendor alternate that is so substandard to the Silhouette - we won't wash them or clean them for fear of product damage. That is a statement. 

2" Slatted blinds

  • currently in a product revision stage. The tension spring within the headrail requires all bottom rails to be have hold downs.

Motorized blinds 

  • The simple fact that Hunter Douglas offers a 10-C Battery pack is a statement. No one else does. Average lifespan is 3-5 years. Whereas a 12-AA battery pack is a twice a year replacement. 
  • Hunter Douglas battery packs are not sealed - you can replace the batteries easily ( it's actually a service we offer to ensure the product is back to working as it was before. Upper and Lower limits correct. Number assignment to wall/remote/app as before battery change ). Many a cheap blind company has sealed battery units, or sealed motor with encased batteries - that are not easily sourced. 
  • Too many blind vendors sell you insufficient remote/wall switches. Seven blinds on 2 switches. We see it daily. Every motorized shade we sell with have a singular number assignment to it's remote PLUS a common " All " switch. It's that simple and should be for you. To undersupply you with less switching than motors is just plain silly and insulting. 
  • Connectors . A Hunter Douglas low and line voltage connector has a Philips screw tighten/loosen for each and every wire. Solid. Competitors use a penny connector that cannot be tightened or loosened - and the entire module comes apart with the twist of hand. One small part of a very important system. 
  • Bracketing. A Hunter Douglas Powerview Roller Shade has a locking motor-side system that ensures the shade is locked in. In fact this system has such finite tolerances - it makes our installation demanding. 1/8" will prevent this bracket to lock - so we have to do it right. No one else has this system. 
  • Powerview App & Powerview Gateway. Endless versatility and multi-user interfacing. 


Save Time and Money

Our installer is part of the family. No contract installers. What this means for you and your home is the attention to fit & finish is priority one.

Our policy is we install it right and don't call it finished till it is right. No one else does this. 

Your investment is enhanced with our installation to our standards. 

We determine your needs , and show you all different product style options available. If we don't have a display of it in our Showroom - we'll have archive photos from multiple jobs we've done over the years. 


You'll be given the plus and minus for all these choices - hence a thorough and educated decision. 


The ' newest ' blind in the market may not suit all your needs. Know the variables and expect to make the proper decision - and not be ' sold ' something. We've been doing it this way since 1978. 

barrels ii_edited.jpg

Hunter Douglas Cord Barrels 

Pictured above is the Hunter Douglas bottom rail cord barrel. Used for ~15 years, a simple and effective way to keep the extra cord tucked in. This is how S.P. Interiors installed all Duette shades of this generation.

Clean and finished. A mere few seconds to tuck each cord in on the install leaves the product finished and complete. 

Picture below is the factory ship of all cord barrels, and how 99.9% of all competitors and contract installers installed this generation of Duette.

Why ?

The reason for the extra length is this is the fine tuning

of the bottom / top down rail limits.

Too short - lengthen the cord.

Down on one side - remove pin and adjust. 

The reason all other installers left this extra cord dangling is lack of commitment to the task at hand. 

Yet, with hundreds of service calls to homes , and thousands of blinds brought in for repair -

this loose cord has been the standard for all contract installers. Pure laziness and lack of attention to detail. 

If your Duettes look like the bottom picture - contact us and we can correct this or tell you how to clean it up. 






barrels i_edited.jpg
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