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Drapery Gallery 

Every picture in this Gallery we took - of jobs made and installed by us.

This in itself is our statement 

Custom Drapery solutions from S.P. Interiors 

a Prokop family tradition for 45 years

Draperies and Sheers

We cut & candle your fabric, we sew it, your drapery hangs in our pre-hang area ( usually a week ) and we install it with a steamer.


Our 5 point protocol has been in place since 1978 - no one else does this ( then or now ) and no one else creates draperies & soft window coverings like S.P. Interiors. Some would say we need this as a mission statement - to us , this is the ONLY way to properly make Sheers, Drapery, Curtains, Drapery & Upholstered Valances. 


S.P. Interiors offers a wide range of attractive draperies in a variety of designs, as well as hardware and installation services. Not sure on the pleating style ? We have sewn and installed every kind of pleating system possible in forty years. Spring Pleat, Pinch Pleat, Inverted Pleat, Ripplefold, non-pleated panels - we'll show you the differences and benefits of one versus the other for your operation, opacity, and stack space needs. Most people are shocked that the Ripplefold Curtains require the largest stack space of all pleated curtains. 


Long before this website got to speed - our archive photo albums of jobs completed were an important tool in our showroom. The above Gallery is a modern extension to these archives. Our finished work in each and every picture has a story. 

Design - Build - Install 

In addition, we provide professional cleaning services ( pick-up and re-installation ) for your window coverings that will have them looking like new.

A High Standard of Sewing 

Candled fabrics, blocked panels, blind stitched hems, pressing and steaming in our pre-hang area. 

Some of these descriptions may not be familiar to all, they are the core of our four plus decades of sewing. Our steamer comes to every drapery installation, regardless. 


Roman Shades 

Our Roman Shade system runs on an extruded aluminum headrail with a motorized direct chain driven drive ( to meet the Health Canada guidelines ). Not sure between a Classic Roman shade, a Traditional Roman shade, a Hobble Roman shade ? Again we'll show you the differences and benefits of one versus the other for your operation, opacity, and stack space needs.  


Specialty Windows

One of our strengths over the years is specialty windows -- extra-long, bow or bay windows, eyebrow arches, vaulted windows, skylights, solariums or octagons. You name it and we have a photograph of a window treatment we’ve done, both here on the website and at the store location.


Arch and Eyebrow Arch Windows

In fact, our fabric Spring Pleat Sunburst was created and designed by Brent Prokop in 1994. It is the most cost-effective and decorative treatment to highlight these styles of windows. With a sheer of your choice, the Spring Pleat Sunburst filters direct sunlight without blocking the window. S.P. Interiors is the only interior design store in the world to carry the Spring Pleat line. We're not kidding - it's the most cost-effective Arch window treatment in the market today. 

The critical first step to a Specialty window application is the template. When we say each template requires two hours to produce, know that we aren't kidding around. These three stage templates produce measurements for ordering to plus/minus 1/16". 


We can give you a comparison quotation versus any hard window treatment ( blinds ). Sadly the blind treatments available for Arch and Specialty windows is shrinking every year. It is down to two products and of those two , both are heavily reduced in size limitations for width and height. 



While life is a tapestry of always learning - we can say our in-house installation experience and services is second to no one. No job is rushed - an installation is the final component to your experience with us. Brackets are equal measured apart, heavy duty butterfly toggles used when backing is not there, detail to completion. Quite commonly your Decorator rods will be installed while your draperies still hang in our pre-hang area. Hence when we do bring out the drapery - it's folded in a thick mil plastic bag for a short period of time. Our steamers go to every job ( ask a contract installer to steam a curtain . . . ).

A lot of ceiling to floor applications demand perfection to a 3/8" clearance off the floor. We've been doing zero tolerance applications for 43 years. 

Our Installation page describes it more - but know our services include take down of existing blinds and hardware ( usually days before final for painting & wall repair ). Also we recycle many existing products either through two Church group affiliates for families in need OR core elements recycled. 


Custom Milled Wooden Decorator Rods 

We have been milling 16' wooden rods and painting / staining with a local Finisher for decades. Surprisingly this process is LESS cost than most custom-ordered wood and aluminum rodding from coastal and eastern sources. No one else can custom paint your rods your specific paint/stain choice. No one. 


Free Consultation

Explore the possibilities when you schedule a free in-home consultation with the design professionals at S.P. Interiors.

S.P. Interiors is a family operated business that maintains a four decade old tradition of drapery manufacture and pre-hang of ALL products before they are installed in your home. 


We candle all materials ( ask us - we'll show you our cutting table ) for yardage, flaws, pattern & colour confirmation BEFORE they see the Seamstress or Upholsterer. 


We love to educate people on :

Blocking a Panel, 

Folded Side Hems that are Blind Stitched,

Pattern Repeat,

Double Rub Count, 

Oeko-Tex Standard 100,



the new Sheer Width standard :

130" widths 


and rarer species these days :

Railroaded patterns,

48" width goods,

Drop patterns


and yes we will elaborate the

plus & minus factors of ALL

pleated  drapery styles available :

Spring Crest, 

Pinch Pleat,

Ripplefold Pleat,

Inverted Pleat 



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