Washing & Cleaning Sheers, Drapery, Curtains, Valances Silhouette, Honeycomb, Roller Shade cleaning too

Four Decades of experience - take down, cleaning & pressing, re-hang

Since the early 1980's - S.P. Interiors has facilitated professional quality cleaning services for a multitude of window treatments.  Sheers, Overdrapery, Valances, Silhouette and Duette shades. Pickup, cleaning, pre-hang in our hanging area, and re-installation. 

From regular Spring cleaning to making room for painting and/or renovations - our cleaning services are unmatched. How so ?

  • Sheers and washables are washed until the rinse cycle is clean - hung damp to dry in our pre-hang area. That in itself is a statement as the number of wash cycles can be numerous - and no one but us adheres to pre-hanging drapery time. 
  • Materials requiring dry cleaning then require a thorough press / steam / hanging procedure. 
  • Silhouettes and Duettes are disassembeled to fabric only. No matter the lifting system - manual or motorized - nothing of the controls and lifiting assembly gets wet. No one else adheres to this protocol for cleaning. 
  • All of this labour intensive - and is reflective of a ~ 3-5 year cycle. While some customers have their Sheers washed every other year - most people don't have to worry with Silhouettes and Duettes for 5 - 7 years.
  • Quite often parts are ordered for blinds being cleaning, alterations are done for curtains cleaned. Not only do we repair blinds such as re-cording and cut downs - we ensure we get the product to optimum performance. 
  • The re-hang of curtains will always entail a review of the track / rodding. If we did the original installation - chances are it's a simple lubrication of track and a few other details. If we didn't do the original install - a high percentage of the time it is reinforcing brackets to headers via longer screws or toggles ( it's frustrating to see but we correct it ) and making sure it's solid. 

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YES we pick up, wash/clean, press, and rehang Curtains, Draperies, Valances !

YES we pick up, take apart headrail, wash, reassemble to dry, and rehang your Honeycomb, Silhouette, Vignette shades ! 

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