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Simplicity and Convenience

The simplicity of push button operation, the convenience of RF Pebble or Powerview App control provide ease and comfort in locations where windows are hard to reach or many in number. Motorized blinds make it simple to control the amount of light and heat entering your home, prepare a media room for movie night, or protect privacy. Discover how affordable and fashionable motorized blinds can be when you call S.P. Interiors for a free in-home consultation.


Strategize your products 

We listen to your needs and we'll give you every option available. 

The products that fit your needs. 

The applications that work for your home. 

Your motorized product decision will be an educated one. 


Applications from single item to multiple rooms -  always high attention to detail

Yes - that is an island with moat you see in this Gallery - Picture No. 3. The line-voltage motorized Roller Shade job from the early 90s is a spectacular home we worked in. The Point Grey estate home had six surrounding windows illuminating the island to the Scent Gardens outside. The moat was for a myriad of Koi fish to lazily swim around in. Said moat was separated by glass tile block to the Pool area. The Pool area ambient and direct lighting came from another three windows with motorized Roller Shades. Picture No. 5 is the perspective from Pool Area towards moat. You will note the moat at the time of this picture was not filled - while the pool is. 


This spectacular home embodied the expression " enhance your environment ".


Almost 23 years ago we were installing motorized shades when truly no one else but a rare few did. Put our experience to your advantage for any size job. 


Enjoy a free in-home consultation from S.P. Interiors

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Introducing the Hunter Douglas Powerview App.

For iOS and all Android devices – the ability of controlling your Hunter Douglas Powerview products. 

Individual blind control, Room Scenes for multi-blind control in one swipe, Programmable Timed Scenes of endless possibilities. 

Regardless of power application : 

  • C Battery packs ( ten C batteries per pack ) have a 4 to 5 year lifespan, 
  • AWG 16-18 low voltage wiring, 
  • 14/3 wiring,
  • DC adapter   
  • AA Battery packs ( twelve AA batteries per pack )

the Powerview Hub can be added at anytime to your Powerview home network of motorized blinds. Wall surface RF remotes or hand held RF Pebble remotes will work as failsafe/alternate controls. 


No other company has the C Battery pack and it's lifespan to augment your motorized blinds. No other company has the endless versatility of the Powerview App. 


Available now at S.P. Interiors.

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