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Shutters Gallery 

Every picture in this Gallery we took - of jobs made and installed by us.

This in itself is our statement. 


Three-plus decades of Shutter Design, Application, Installation  only from S.P. Interiors 

S.P. Interiors provides you with ALL the shutter options before you purchase. An informed and precise decision will be yours.

Ask us about the two main Shutter options available that competitors never tell you. 


As we've been custom bending manual and motorized Curtain & Decorative Wood & Aluminum rods into bay, bow, multi-angled applications for decades - trust that we've installed Shutters of all shapes and sizes into same. We insist to take the time to listen to your needs, offer ALL the options - and get you with product proper. 


Know that our angle protractor, level, and seamstress tape are utilized on nearly EVERY check measure we do.

See the picture above ? That's our standard Shutter measuring kit. No one else utilizes these three key tools. Beyond this, an average paper template for specialty shaped windows takes about 2 hours. 

We have done thousands of Arch and Eyebrow Arch window treatments. Every one of them requiring a template. Not once has a template been wrong. 


When we measure the angles of your bay & bow window surfaces - know that a template is built to ensure :

  • proper ordering to 1/16" 
  • angles measured to 1/2 degree tolerance
  • framing solutions to enhance the applied area for fit, operation, and aesthetics
  • panel(s) orientation to window panels with or without T-Bars
  • Split tilt options & strategic Divider Bar placement ( for panels over 60" in height ). 

From a rectangular window to Bay & Bow window, to Specialty Shapes of all sizes.

We've designed and installed every shape & size. 


Most times we are redundancy adding brackets or extra hinges beyond factory specs.

We insist on a solid finished product. 


Always always we install our Shutters with magnets & plates to ensure a closed Shutter panel stays closed. Thorough fit & finish.

( Spring-loaded catches do not hold up to windows open for ventilation - most competitors just use these

to save time on installs ). And yes we said always twice . . 


From depth minimums of 1/4" to framed French Door Cut-Outs for door handles. Let our three plus decades experience of Shutter product knowledge, application area design, and thorough precise installation work for you and your home. 


Shutters can help control the temperature of your home. More efficient than many other window coverings, shutters provide another protective barrier between you and the outside air. Control levels of natural light and the temperature of your room, as well as ensure privacy, with shutters from S.P. Interiors.


Learn about our other window covering services:

Frame or Hinge-mount Shutters require an attention to detail that starts with proper measuring. Customer's needs are met - always with a complete overview at measure. Details for thorough Fit & Finish is what we strive for in each and every Shutter installation and job completion. 


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