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Reupholstery breathes new life into your existing pieces. We ALWAYS educate our clients to the proper Double Rub count range, Pattern Repeats, and what an Upholsterer should do for you. 


Know the differences and have that confidence with your furniture. After all - they are members of your household. 


Repair and replacement of wooden feature points can be done. Cracked caning can be replaced or follow curvatures and be double sided material for the seat backs. 


Double piping seams have been a mainstay for decades - now the feature nails are making a comeback. Know the differences. 


Seat decks below cushions - know what a multi-decade experienced Upholsterer does to this rarely-seen area. Know what offshore units with composite frames doesn't have for seat decks. 

Upholstery Services from S.P. Interiors

Give Old Furnishings New Life

Preserve Treasured Furnishings

S.P. Interiors offers professional quality upholstery services for everything from antiques to contemporary pieces. No job is too big or too small.


30 Years’ Experience

Our dedicated upholsterer has 30 years’ experience in every aspect of the art, from antique pieces to modern contemporary units. We offer custom shaping services, whether reductions or additions, and modernizing or retrofitting pieces is a specialty. Fluted tub chairs of a certain era all had buttons affixed within the ribs of the back. To update these pieces to being timeless, no more buttons. A common challenge to most pieces is a substantial or complete degradation of the foam. Easily remedied with new foam after the piece is totally taken down to frame. 


Custom Upholstered Valances

S.P. Interiors will create upholstered valances to the specific shape you desire, along with upholstered head boards for twin, double, queen- and king-sized beds. We line all boards BEFORE assembly

( whether lining or same upholstery material ) , then foam and begin construction of your valances.

No raw wood, no staples inside the entire piece. Your valances should look as good from the outside

of your home , as the inside. 


Save Money

There is a substantial price difference between buying new furnishings and preserving the furniture you currently have. You will save money and extend the life of your treasured furnishings when you take advantage of the expert upholstery services available at S.P. Interiors. Contact us for a free estimate.

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